Autum 2020 Lobke

DAM: Black Beauty Of Royal Pleasure (Lobke)

Name: Lobke
Date of birth: 25th of December 2016
Owner: Piertje Feenstra
Handler: Piertje Feenstra
Breeder: Karin Morsink
Colour: Black, carrying yellow
Sex: Female

Work Results:

2018: 1st place C-Class, CDD Borculo (The Netherlands)
2019: Several Workingtest & CDD certificates

Show Result:

2019: Excellent/Uitmuntend

Health tests:

Hips: HD A
Elbows: Free
ECVO: clear, august 2019
Myotubular myopathy 1: Clear
SD2: Clear
Narcolepsy: Clear
Piruvaatkinase Def: Clear
HUU: Clear
Thrombocytopaenia: Clear
EIC: Clear
DM: Clear
HNPK: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear
Macular Dystrofia: Clear
Cystinuria II-A-1: Clear
Maligne Hyperthermia: Clear
RD/OSD: Clear
CNM: Clear

Lobke is not only a hardworking dog, but also very easy going. She loves to go out on the gundog training, and at home she loves to be cuddled. She is quiet, yet eager. Smart, and with a lot of will to please.



Sire: Danish FTCH Labdom Pochard

Name: Poacher
Date of Birth: 8th of May 2012
Owner: Nils Henrik Hansen (DK)
Handler: Nils Henrik Hansen
Breeder: W. Mitchell, England
Colour: Black
Sex: Male

Work results:

Retrievernes Jagthundeklub

Apporteringsprøve – bestået
Åben klasse test – udmærkelse
Åben klasse markprøve – udmærkelse
Vinder klasse markprøve – 1. vinder
Vinder af RJK’s mesterskab 2015
Mest vindende markprøvehund 2015
Dansk Field Trial Champion

Dansk Retriever Klub

Brugsprøve – bestået
Begynder klasse B – 1. præmie
Åben klasse B – 1. præmie
Åben klasse A – 1. præmie

Health Tests:

Hips: A
Elbows: Free
ECVO: Clear, january 2019
PRA: Clear
CNM: Clear
SD2: Clear
EIC: Clear
HNPK: Clear