Jersey Girls Reed

  • Name: Abbey (Sold)
  • Breeder: Ulla Schutz (Import Austria)
  • Date of Birth: 1 may 2016
  • Colour: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Owner: Tom Koop
  • Handler: Tom Koop – Karin Morsink
  • Trainer: Karin Morsink

Working results:


  • 1 st place SJP  Borculo C class. (Netherlands)
  • 2 sd place APD Weeze A class. (Germany)
  • 3 th place WT Wierden starter class. (Netherlands)


  • 1 st place WT-team competition Borculo starter class (Netherlands).
  • 1 st place WT competition Hengelo starter class (Netherlands)
  • 1 st place Mock Trail starter class  Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • 1 st place WT competition Trebon starter class (Czech)
  • 1 st place CDD competition Borculo B-Class (Netherlands)
  • 1 st place FINAL!  WT competition Milovice starter class (Czech)


  •  Abbey’s first litter.


  • Coldgame test Heino, The Netherlands “Best dog of the day”

* Abbey has been sold to Tom Koop, The Netherlands.


Health tests:

  • Hips score A
  • Ellbows Free
  • PRA-prcd Free
  • EIC Free
  • HNPK Free
  • DM Free
  • SD2 Free
  • RD/OSD Free
  • Eyes Free 2020


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